We want to change the food system so future generations can live in greater harmony with the earth.

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Our Mission

Reduce environmental impact. Craft the best food. Provide exceptional service. Cultivate our people.

 For us it’s about “Growing with Purpose,” ensuring our food is sustainably sourced, ingredient by ingredient, farm by farm, choosing what is best for all stakeholders - people, animals and the land. We believe that as our business grows, our positive environmental impact should too.

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Farm Partnership

In an effort to better connect our food and the earth we started a partnership with Ecolibrium Farms, an organic farm in Woodinville, WA. The farm supports our stores with local, hyper-seasonal, organic produce. We also use the partnership as a tool to teach our partners about sustainable agriculture. Ecolibrium is an amazing local partner that helps our growing business hold to our commitment to keeping it local and inspires us to continue to incorporate local ingredients and support other PNW  farms.

Sourcing Guidelines

Food is the liaison between our earth and our community. Understanding the relationships that link the planet to the product is an important part of our recognition that in addition to our economic impact, we are responsible for our social and environmental impact as well.

Our Stores

Our stores are designed to be as low-impact as possible. We use reclaimed, recycled and FSC certified building materials and low-VOC paints in our furniture and wall coverings. We use hyper-efficient LED and CFL lighting. Additionally, there are no trash cans: we only use nearly 100% compostable + recyclable products.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Low VOC Paint
  • Reclaimed & Recycled Materials
  • FSC Certified Materials
  • 100% Compostable & Reusable Materials